Residential and Commercial Exterior Painting Lansing, Mi

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Give your home an update this season with Blue Sky Painting. We offer professional residential and commercial exterior painting services. There’s more to an exterior painting job than you might think. We will make sure that your exterior paint will last a long time:

  1. Power washing is completed first to properly prepare the exterior surface of your home.
  2. Once the exterior dries, we’ll scrape off the old paint and prep for the new coating
  3. We’ll repair the wood before caulking, sanding and priming the surface.
  4. Finally, the exterior paint is applied and finished with 2 cans of professional paint 

You can be sure that our exterior painting jobs are thorough and completed to your satisfaction. Call now for your free estimate.

Don't Forget Your Deck

We also paint the exterior areas of your home, including as screened-in porches,decks,sunrooms and garages. Your windows, doors and garage will also benefit from a fresh coat of paint. Contact us today to schedule your estimate in the greater Lansing area.